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Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd.

Contact: Don Moroz, Owner
Work Phone: 780-469-1234 Website: oscomudjacking.com
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In addition to other factors, Alberta’s significant freeze / thaw cycles can play havoc with your home’s concrete slabs and the areas underneath them. In addition to potentially reducing your
home’s curb appeal and re-sale value, sunken concrete and voids under the slabs can lead to problems such as:

• Allowing water to pool under the slab which can then freeze and expand resulting in heaving, cracking and breaking the concrete further.
• Water that pools beside a home’s foundation may actually travel down the wall and the cause basement problems.
• Injuries can result from tripping, sudden stops while shovelling, and ice build-up in low spots.
• Rodents and pests can nest / hide under slabs creating even more issues.

Osco offers both Cementitious Grout (Mudjacking) and Polyurethane Foam for lifting concrete slabs and void filling underneath. Mudjacking is a very cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete driveways, garage pads, sidewalks and patios, while Polyurethane Foam with its smaller holes is a good option for lifting where aesthetics are a priority such as exposed aggregate concrete.

Most foundations that experience cracking will have water leakage issues, not structural concerns. For cracks that are experiencing current or previous water infiltration issues, our pressure injected Polyurethane material is a quick and cost-effective way to remedy the leak itself plus all of the water-associated problems and headaches that go along with them.

Cracks that are structural in nature can be pressure injected with Epoxy resin to “weld” cracks together and can achieve a strength significantly stronger than that of the concrete wall.

If further cracking is still a concern after either Polyurethane or Epoxy repairs, Osco offers structural-strengthening Carbon Fiber products for added piece of mind to keep the cracks closed and worries away.

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