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Goldwing Construction Inc.

Contact: Mark McFarlane
Work Phone: 780-483-7300 Work Fax: 780-483-7357 Website:
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Goldwing is a full service commercial interior contractor. We are involved in the construction and leasehold improvements for a wide variety of office, warehouse, and retail operations. In short, we provide one stop shopping for clients by providing the service and expertise to complete interior commercial projects of any size.

Our formula is simple: we meet with our clients to determine their needs, and working with architects and engineers are able to develop a plan and a scope of work. We next provide budgeting for the project in consultation with the many subtrades that work with us. Once the project has been given the green light, we schedule and supervise the necessary subtrades (electricians plumbers millwork, drywall etc.) to commence with the project until its completion and turn over to the owner.

Construction is not an exact science by a long shot, therefore, every day there are challenges and issues to overcome, particularly in a renovation of existing space. Our experienced site superintendents and subtrades have seen this all before and are able to work their way through these obstacles to achieve the final result.

I raise this point because there are customers who feel that they can renovate their office by themselves by simply grabbing the yellow pages and calling subtrades. I advise against this for a few key reasons. Firstly we buy better because of the volume that we spend with subtrades, secondly, we know the sequence of events required to make the project flow and lastly we know a good job from a bad job. Our service also allows our clients to carry on with their day job and leave the messy stuff to us.

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